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Travel Jewellery Organizer By Bohomia

Your jewellery deserves the most elegant travel case and this is it. Now carry your precious jewellery in your handbag or cabin luggage, no need to check-in. Soft feel jewellery case, spacious enough to keep your jewellery separated and easy to find when you need them. 

  • Free shipping

  • Dimensions : 8" X 7" X 1" (when folded)

  • Plush velvet interiors , water repellant nylon exterior.

  • Two zippered soft velvet pockets for watch and bangles

  • Earrings holder for both small and chunky earrings

  • Pocket to support large earrings

  • Ring band with button closure

  • Four necklace holders. Divided pockets to prevent necklaces from tangling 

  • Transparent dividers to keep necklaces and large earrings from sliding around, protect jewellery from dust and moisture and from pieces rubbing against each other