We at Bohomia do what we do for women who are comfortable in their own skin. A Boho-mia who is independent and free spirited at heart. This is what defines a Bohomia for us. This is who we are.

We love to wear jeans. But we love our sarees too.

Pink is not our only color. WE choose our color.

We love to climb trees. Jump fences. Walk on gurgling streams.

We love our babies. But we take time out for ourselves too.

We are not feminists. We are just women who love our freedom.

Free to stay out late, hang out with friends, wear what we want,

Go where we want, work where we want.

We are as woman as it can be.


We challenge the status quo.

We don’t want to hear what we can or can’t.

WE decide that.

We are Boho-mia-s. We conform and yet not always.

We are



Bohomia was created for BOHO (free-spirited) MIA (women). Bohomia is for the wanderer, the traveller and the day-dreamer. For the strong, independent lady who believes in her ability to achieve great things. And to achieve that, she’ll need the perfect companion to carry on her journey.


We designed our bags with these free-spirited women in mind. Our bags are practical yet stylish, functional yet fashionable. They include multiple, spacious pockets so you’ll never again spend several precious minutes rooting around for important things! Instead, you can stay organized and use your time to reach your full potential.


Email:  connect@bohomia.in


You will get emails for new product releases, discount coupons and other exciting stuff. Otherwise we are generally a quite bunch. 
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