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Grassroots Bohomia 

Whether its for overnight travel or outing with your little one. Organize your belongings with these thoughtfully designed bags and find things in a jiffy. Bohomia Bags are not your regular travel bags that quickly end up being a black hole. These are functional with multiple pockets and compartments for easy organization and yet makes you look smart carrying them. Use them as an in-flight bag, overnighter or for daily hustles. These are truly multipurpose.

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Nakshi Kantha Scarves using age old technique of hundreds of very small hand stitches called kantha stitch. 


One of a kind bags made of hand-painted leather, hand block printed fabric and more


Home decor hand-crafted and unique like no other. Completely handmade , no two product is the same


Hippie bohemian jewellery, equally suitable for a festive day out or on the beach. 


Meticulously handpainted, Kalamkari or Gamcha wallets , each are unique and beautiful enough to spark a conversation.

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